„I’m so mad at Bashar al-Assad for destroying the American middle-class in recent decades.“
Rudolf E. Havenstein

„The ‚mighty US Armed Forces‘ is a myth scripted in Hollywood. Since Korea it never won a single war against men in sandals armed with AK’s.“
Marcel Sardo

„Should make you extremely nervous when we have Dems, Reps and MSM vigorously pounding the War Drums. Bipartisan Warmongering.“

„There was a time when its type of news flow would’ve produced at least 1-3% price ranges. This range compression drivel is just pitiful.“
Sven Henrich

„Wie lange heißt es wohl diesmal mustmaßlich? LKW rast in Menschenmenge in Stockholm.“
Dora Bromberger

„Just 4 reasons for no regime change in Syria:
1. Vietnam 1962
2. Yugoslavia 1999
3. Iraq 2002
4. Libya 2011“
Rob Schneider

„Today’s main reasons to buy stocks
1. Airstrikes
2. Job miss
3. Swedish terror attack
4. 50% lower Q1 GDP estimate
5. Fuck it, it’s Friday
Sven Henrich

„Ein fremdes Land bombardieren und Syrer killen war alles, was Trump tun musste, damit ihn die Mainstreammedien zu lieben beginnen.“
Guido Kuehn

„Die MSM die uns genüßlich Bilder von Gas-Opfern zeigen um sie für ihre Agenda zu missbrauchen, werden uns morgen diese Bilder nicht zeigen.“ (im Anhang Bilder aus Stockholm)
Martin Sellner

„You’re bombing a government who is protecting Christians and is actively fighting ISIS. You dumb fucking idiot.“
Gender Fluid Hassan

„MEDIA: Trump has mental problems and cannot be trusted
TRUMP: (launches 50 Tomahawks)
MEDIA: (stands on desks) Oh captain, my captain“
Sweet Meteor O’Death

„I’m sorry but when McCain, Graham, Pelosi, Schumer, and even the MSM are actually agreeing with Trump, I have to question the #SyriaStrikes.“

„ANALYSIS: Dim-witted Donald Trump is slowest US president in decades to learn path to respect from US media is to bomb all living things.“
DPRK News Service

„Had it not been for President Assad, the world’s oldest Christians would have been treated the was Christians are treated in ISIS areas.“

„You need to change the actor.“ Schreibt Morris Cabrioli mit Bildern im Anhang. Es ist ein und derselbe Mann bei drei verschiedenen Bombenangriffen in Syrien zu sehen. Zuletzt als einer der Opfer des Giftgaseinsatzes.

„2nd order effects:
Once you make policy based on PICTURES of children victims, ALL parties will now produce pictures of children.“
Nassim Taleb

„Imagine being told 15 years ago that the US would provide air support for Al Qaeda.“
Rudolf E. Havenstein

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