„Poor JK was clearly badly advised. But she is not alone in having her fingers squished by the jib cleats of boat ownership. In fact she joins a whole flotilla of yacht widows, women whose lives have been dashed on the rocks of the big sailing conspiracy.“

„You then Google a few boats. They’re really not as expensive as you thought. Quite a good investment in fact. Look, there’s an old trawler ripe for conversion for less than the price of a cottage in Cornwall. Wouldn’t it be fun? And so it goes on, the fantasy of lazy late lunches and sundowner cocktails on the poop deck. What you do not think about are the hidden costs: the mooring, the winter storage, the maintenance, the insurance, the crew, the port fees, the MOT, the replacement equipment – oh, and did anyone mention diesel? Unless you plan to do some actual sailing, these yachts are jolly thirsty.“

„Because as they say at Cowes, the happiest moment of your life may be when you buy your first boat. But the second happiest is the day you wave it goodbye.“

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