„The Fed is like a parent who, returning home at 3am, finds their kids hosting a drunken underage party & then leaves to go get more booze.“ (@RudyHavenstein)

„Basically if Fed was doing world a favor by not hiking today, it failed.“ (@ericbeedo)

„The #fed caught in #chinese #handcuffs and made the absoute wrong decision!“ (@TFMkts)

„Fed was afraid. But markets are concerned that Fed was afraid. China devaluation, Japan negative growth now Fed. Markets right to be afraid.“ (@FinancialDeluge)

„#Yellen „We do are darndest to do our best“ Why should markets lose Confidence in a #Fed with a leader making such clear, bold statements?“ (@PlanetPonzi)

„9 years just didn’t give the Fed enough time to get a grip on the economy. 40 more days or so schould do the trick!“ (@standingup4us)

„If anyone had booked vacation on December 16 you can go ahead and cancel it now.“ (@zerohedge)

„Fact is, US is close to needing to print just to cover interest on debt. The Fed has never been further from ability to tighten.“ (@maxkeiser)

„High fives at the POBC.“ (@IvanTheK)

„I think it was the Ghana rate hike that spooked the Fed.“ (@RudyHavenstein)

„So when people beg Janet not to raise rate she won’t. Cool.“ (@NorthmanTrader)

„Rates will never go up as long as I’m alive…..(picture showing Greenspan smile).“ (@FedPorn)

„The Fed’s third mandate is now official: global stability.“ (@zerohedge)

„So since every bull said we need a hike to prove economy OK, why are you buying stox on the news economy not OK?“ (@DividendMaster)

„Goldman wins.“ (@zerohedge)


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